The easiest fucking witchcraft book literally ever.

Traditional witchcraft is a lot of work and some days you just need to do things the lazy way. After all, everyone gets tired sometimes. Some of us get tired a lot. In Lazy Witchcraft for Crazy Sh*tty Days, I show you how to do witchcraft even when you’re really, really tired. Or sick. Or burnt out. Or just had a really crappy day.

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d i g i t a l d o w n l o a d

The PDF printable for our 5 step home reset ritual is here! Follow along on Tiktok for a step by step visual guide of every spell inccluded. This ritual is meant to clear out all the stale and stagnant energy around your home, refill it with positive vibes and protect it from any future bullshit. The best part? You only have to do this ritual every 1-2 months.

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mystery boxes

With three different size, our premade mystery boxes are so good. The smallest size comes with 8-11 items and the largest has 30-40 items! No box is ever the same which we absolutely love. Did you want something custom made? Scroll down to find our custom kits.

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Hi, I'm Andrea


I’m going to start off with why the fuck we are here. The entire point of my shop and my tiktok tutorials is to make witchcraft extremely fucking accessible by anyone who wants to practice. We want to make a world where we can find as many covens as we can churches. I want to help people who are lost, just starting out or who just want easier ways to do everyday spells. I want us to be able to walk down the street in the most christian town with our pentacles proudly hanging from our necks and not get the “BURN THE WITCH” look. You know the fucking look im talking about. We’re witches. We burn rosemary to cleanse a space. We use rose petals for self love. We drink tea with intention. We’re not over here sacrificing goats to the underworld for money.

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  • "Closet Witch Kit"

    Everything came packaged nicely, loved the small info cards! I definitely recommend to beginners there’s instructions on how to use everything and what it’s used for. How to recharge spell bottles ect. Was so happy with this purchase.

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    LOVE LOVE LOVE MoonStreet Kits!! By far one of my favorite shops. You can tell the packaging & products are made with so much care & love. I’m obsessed with this shop, 10/10 will recommend her to any of my spiritual/witchy friends :)

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Protection Correspondences

With these correspondences, you should be able to come up with a monthly, weekly, or even daily ritual for protection (daily might be pushing it because lets be honest, who has time for that?

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