About Us

Potions, exorcisms, universe callings & art.

It's a story in rant form so bear with me.

I’m going to start off with why the fuck we are here. The entire point of my shop and my tiktok tutorials is to make witchcraft extremely fucking accessible by anyone who wants to practice. We want to make a world where we can find as many covens as we can churches. I want to help people who are lost, just starting out or who just want easier ways to do everyday spells. I want us to be able to walk down the street in the most christian town with our pentacles proudly hanging from our necks and not get the “BURN THE WITCH” look. You know the fucking look im talking about. We’re witches. We burn rosemary to cleanse a space. We use rose petals for self love. We drink tea with intention. We’re not over here sacrificing goats to the underworld for money.


I love making kits for beginners and not-so-beginners as well as guides because when I started, I was so overwhelmed and underwhelmed by all the information there is out there. I figured, while you should most definitely do your own research, its nice to have that information in one place that is easily available without doing hundreds of searches on google & Pinterest & Facebook. Don’t even get me started on bookstores. I have so many books.
Now I just answer the universe’s calls to me.
I try and think of things I would have wanted to find like an herb sampler kit or a pendulum board that came with instructions. If you ever have questions about ANYTHING, I can make a guide for it and I want to make a guide for it.

Now who the fuck are we?

Again, my name is Andrea. I’m (at the time of writing this) 31 years old. I run the shop with my brother, Alejandro, who’s in charge of all logistics, inventory and customer service. Our mom is from Venezuela and our dad is from El Salvador so you can give yourself a pat on the back for supporting a Hispanic owned business babes.


I started practicing when I was young. You know when you’re like 10-15 and you start throwing random things together and calling it a potion? Or when you make up a dance to do when the full moon is out because you want her to notice you? Or when you make up your own language with lines and squiggles and stuff because you truly believe you are going to make it a thing? Well, that’s where you start. For reference, I was born in 1993. I started collecting crystals, praying to the universe instead of whoever my catholic family told me to pray.

Speaking of, I was born Catholic, as many Hispanics are. My mother was a CCD (catholic school) teacher and we went to church every Sunday. I received my baptism, first communion and confirmation, its wild, I know.

(This story isn’t fully necessary but here we are) When I was 21, I fell into a deep addiction, I stopped practicing and lost myself completely. Around 24 my mom got really sick. That’s what made me stop my addiction and, in the process, it made me pick up my craft again. We took my mom to every doctor known to mankind. I’m talking, general practice, OBGYN, thyroid, phycologists, psychiatrists, hospitals, the whole nine yards as people say. They could find nothing. They all recommended different treatments and medicines and at one point, mom was on a lot of medications and was still not getting better. She wasn’t eating, she wasn’t sleeping at all, or she was sleeping for 12+ hours. One day, it happened. We were on the porch, drinking our coffee as usual. She suddenly went silent. I looked over because we were in the middle of a full-on conversation and her eyes were just blank. It looked like she had left her body. And I knew she did. I could feel it. She then proceeds to start screaming at me, telling me that my mom is gone. That (whatever it was) had taken her and she would not return. I freaked out (naturally). Long story short, this is how I learned pretty much everything I know today. My mom was possessed (I know the rule of possession in magic states you cannot be possessed without consent, but it also states that the entity attempting to possess you does NOT need to tell you the truth of who they really are). After googling to the point of crying, breaking down, and probably going a tad crazy, I preformed multiple exorcisms with multiple people from multiple religions, it's really my specialty at this point. Don’t worry ya’ll, we found the Exorcists Of Atlanta and they performed the final rite. But god damn why the fuck did it even take that long. We don’t know. Its fine. Were all fine now.

Thanks for reading my babbling rant about my life and how I came to this shop idea.