Custom Altar Request

Please read this full paragraph before continuing because there are no refunds on our preorders.

Our Pre-Orders begin 30-45 days before the ritual start date.

we're making these by hand, to order. you'll get high quality and we won't get stressed out.

Please purchase these listings on its own!!!! i won't be able to send out the order until the due date of the kit itself.

Heres the process:

You'll preorder the kit, this gives me the money to get everything at once to keep the costs low (kinda like kickstarter but on shopify) 

after we've sold the minimum we need, we'll begin purchasing and making these kits. the kit will go out 1-2 weeks before the start of the ritual. We'll have 2 live shows on tiktok and one tutorial uploaded to youtube! make sure to sign up for our newsletter because we'll send updates there as well as posting to our tiktok story.

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