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The Moon Kit | Gift Set

The Moon Kit | Gift Set

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oil blend | 3.4oz

F E A T U R I N G 


bergamot, orange, lavender, jasmine, violet, geranium, patchouli, amber


elderberries, burdock root, hawthorn leaf, rosemary, juniper berries, cinnamon sticks, bay leaf, pine needle


obsidian + smoky quartz


protection | sealing | binding


H O W  T O  U S E

  • For the sake of this explanation, balms are just oils mixed with wax and slightly solidified. you can rub the balm, heat it up with your body temperature & use it like you would any oil.

    A magickal oil is a pure or mixed oil created with a specific purpose in mind with visualization and energy manipulation. They are known for being used often in ceremonies and rituals. Oils can also be used on people and objects to anoint or dress which are essentially two words meant to apply an oil.


    To use an oil to dress an object like a candle, you can rub oil downward on the candle to attract and upward to banish. Many like to also then roll the candle in herbs, glitter, and flower petals. You can get creative with the candle’s color and the oil type for a powerful mixture.


    To anoint, place a drop of oil on the skin — often on a pressure point or forehead — on a charm, amulet, talisman, crystal, or candle.


    Blessing or charging a pure or mixed oil blends the powerful energies of the oil and your intention into yourself or an object.


    Using oils is a great way to infuse a simple item with intention and energy.

    Oils are often incorporated into many different practices — magickal or not. To begin using oils in your every day life, put a few drops of an oil on your skin, stone, in a bath, oil burner, or diffuser.

    To use oils in magickal practice, you can choose oils:

    • that you like the smell of
    • to help you focus on spellwork
    • according to their correspondences

    Whichever the purpose, always remember to visualize your intention to get the most magic out of them.

All herbs, spices or curios are hand weighed and meant for crafting and magickal use only.

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