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100 Days Of Manifestation (Affirmations to help you manifest)

100 Days Of Manifestation (Affirmations to help you manifest)

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Why is manifestation important?
We all grow up to reach a point in our lives where the next goal we’re faced with seems too big of a leap. When we reach this point and envision the distance between our current life situation and the one we’ll receive once we accomplish our goal, it most likely seems like too big of a jump.

Now, no matter how much we want to attain this set goal, due to this picture we’ve envisioned, probably subconsciously, a part of our mind will constantly remain doubtful of it being practically possible. Even while working to our full capacity everyday to accomplish what we really need and/or want to in order to get to a certain place, our insides will tug on our actions, making us feel as if the hard work will amount to nothing.

When this starts happening to a point where it cause emotional unease, naturally, we share our feelings with the people around us. This is where the majority of us go wrong. We need to realize that whether we believe it or not, we ultimately receive what we put out into the world.

100 days of manifestation works with the 'pillow theory'. You pull one out every night before going to be, read it aloud 3 times, place it under your pillow. This helps by making a positive thought the last thing in your head before closing your eyes. When you wake up, pull the paper out again, read it aloud three more times & place it in an envelope. At the end of the 100 days, you take the envelope and bury it in your backyard to let your intentions grow and be sent out into the universe. You'll notice a rise in your vibration, mood and all around luck.

Each jar varies in shape & size which is chosen intuitively by me.


All herbs, spices or curios are hand weighed and meant for crafting and magickal use only.

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