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52 Days Of Shadow Work | Part Two | Printed | Journaling For Healing

52 Days Of Shadow Work | Part Two | Printed | Journaling For Healing

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This is the printed version of our updated shadow work! its 52 prompts printed on sticker paper and shipped to you!
***This shadow work is a completely different version of our old shadow work that can be found here:

Everyone carries a dark side, even if we don’t like to admit it. Shadow work can sound scary, and some parts of it may be rather uncomfortable, but it is necessary work to uncover true joy and peace in life. Our shadow self often harms our life, in ways that are unconscious to us at the time, as a habitual reaction to particular places, people or things. Our shadow self blocks us from acting for our own greatest good and can prevent us from reaching our true potential in life. If we just focus on the “good” sides of the life – that which feels light, joyful, easy, and happy – life will feel very one-sided and lacking in depth. Classic shadow signs are anger, blame, laziness, but can also be insecurity, co-dependency, or even independence. Life is a multifaceted experience that desires to be experienced from all angles to be understood and lived fully; the good, the bad, the light, the dark, the pretty, the ugly, and all the grey areas in between. If you continue to bury your shadows, you may feel fractured and compartmentalized. You may never actually move past them to see what else life has to offer.

This kit will help you tune into your shadow, acknowledge that its there and assist in overcoming this energy and turning it into a positive. Each kit contains a box(3x4) with 30 prompts for your book of shadows in sticker form, a how to guide, & an essential oil roller ball blend.

Essential Oil Roller Ball (10ml)
Calendula Oil and its sun like energy, tends to shine light onto a situation, specifically favoring legal matters, love matters or intents of healing.

Eucalyptus used to treat inflammation, and for coughs, colds, and flu, eucalyptus is also an incredibly strengthening and empowering herbal medicine.
With such a strong and distinctive scent, eucalyptus can really hone the mind and bring a natural sense of purpose and presence.

Rosemary has been celebrated and used as a medicinal herb since ancient times.
It’s a potent neurological protector, helping to actually slow down aging in the brain.
Because shadow work involves delving into unconscious memories, and effectively learning to re-write them, keeping the brain supple is vital. Rosemary contains an ingredient called carnosic acid, which has been proven to prevent damage by free radicals in the brain. Re-wiring the neural pathways will happen much more quickly if the brain is healthy and receptive to cellular change. Rosemary is a natural aid for this.
It’s also plant that also enhances memory and concentration. This means that using this herb as you journey into your shadow can greatly help you to actually stay with the work when it gets tricky.

Diluted with jojoba oil, glycerin & coconut oil.

**Tea add on will be a 2oz jar of my "Spirit Guide" tea. It has rose, mugwort, yarrow & calendula.

All herbs, spices or curios are hand weighed and meant for crafting and magickal use only.

Please check our FAQ for full disclaimer.

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Lauren S.
Amazing Prompts!

Shadow work is supposed to be dark and force you to think about hard things. This kit gets this right. They won’t send you into a spiral but it will definitely make you do the work! Would recommend every single time!