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Unconditional Love Goddess Rune Set | Aphrodite

Unconditional Love Goddess Rune Set | Aphrodite

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each set will have 4-5 different elements that all relate to the deity in question. these runes are meant to facilitate an easier connection + dialogue between yourself and the deity you have chosen. no one will ever have the same set so its even more cool in my opinion. I am slightly biased though.


what working with the Goddess of Love looks like:

a sudden burst of self love, you look in the mirror and you see the best version of yourself reflected

being able to speak kindly to yourself regardless of mistakes and set backs

a heightened sense of adoration for your partner

inescapable yearning for the ocean, the ocean, the oceanseeing the beauty in even the tiniest of things - have you seen light reflecting from the droplets on a spiders web? that is ethereal.

feeling a little more vivacious in what you do, but also more gentle

All herbs, spices or curios are hand weighed and meant for crafting and magickal use only.

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Melissa R.

Fucking love them, so pretty 😍