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Earth Goddess Rune Set | Gaia

Earth Goddess Rune Set | Gaia

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each set will have 4-5 different elements that all relate to the deity in question. these runes are meant to facilitate an easier connection + dialogue between yourself and the deity you have chosen. no one will ever have the same set so its even more cool in my opinion. I am slightly biased though.


Working with an earth spirit:

1. be patient. take life one step at a time. realize there’s nothing to rush off to.

2. connect with your surroundings. spend more time in nature. sunbathe. walk barefoot in the soil and grass. hug a tree. watch the clouds. play with animals. have gratitude for earth’s abundant resources.

3. connect with yourself. build a healthy and stable relationship with your self-image (your body, mentality and emotional well-being).

4. enjoy your physical pleasures. stimulate your senses. admire your beauty. speak positive words. be sexually liberated. light incense and candles. eat fresh fruits and vegetables. drink warm tea. etc.

5. be observant. instead of reacting quickly or impulsively, stay calm. think before you speak. think before you act. plan before you do.

6. be disciplined. set realistic goals and follow through on them no matter what. adjust or re-plan if you need to, but never give up.

7. be responsible by organizing. create a routine or make a to-do list to stay on top on things. skin care routine, exercise routine, schoolwork/studying time, laundry, etc.

8. use your time wisely. learn about time management. this is important so that you can accomplish your goals without getting overwhelmed. it’s good to know your limit.

9. keep solid boundaries. allow nothing or no one to uproot you and walk all over you. stand your ground and speak your mind. face your demons.

10. spend time around loved ones. loved ones are those who truly understand you. you feel comfortable and at ease around them. you can always show your true self to them, without putting your guard up. keep them around.


All herbs, spices or curios are hand weighed and meant for crafting and magickal use only.

Please check our FAQ for full disclaimer.

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