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PRE-ORDERS | Money Bowl Ritual Kit

PRE-ORDERS | Money Bowl Ritual Kit

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Please read this full paragraph before continuing because there are no refunds on our preorders.

Our Pre-Orders begin 30-45 days before the ritual start date.

we're making these by hand, to order. you'll get high quality and we won't get stressed out.

Please purchase these listings on its own!!!! i won't be able to send out the order until the due date of the kit itself.

Heres the process:

You'll preorder the kit, this gives me the money to get everything at once to keep the costs low (kinda like kickstarter but on shopify) 

after we've sold the minimum we need, we'll begin purchasing and making these kits. the kit will go out 1-2 weeks before the start of the ritual. We'll have 2 live shows on tiktok and one tutorial uploaded to youtube! make sure to sign up for our newsletter because we'll send updates there as well as posting to our tiktok story.


This kit has the following schedule + please note that this can be done on ANY WAXING GIBBOUS. you don't have to follow my dates for the actual ritual unless you live in my part of the world which is again, tampa, florida. 

Presale begins: October 7th

Kits in the mail: November 10th

Youtube ritual upload: November 15th

Live demos: November 15th from 2pm to 4pm + November 19th from 6pm to 8pm

Live discussions (in case you have random questions that come up): November 23rd at 6pm + November 25th at 6pm

All live shows will be done on tiktok and uploaded to youtube as a full tutorial as well.

Whats included in the kit:

Florida water

Crystal mix: pyrite + green aventurine

2 green tealight candles

10ml patchouli oil

5g patchouli resin

2 epoxy resin measuring cups

1 wooden bowl with lid (you don't have to use the lid but its cute)

1 pyrite chunk

12 money incense cones (in box)

1 natural citrine pendant

orange slices




pine needles

gold flakes

1 gold resin burner

+ stickers on how to do the ritual with tips and tricks for resin pouring since i know its scary!! (its not i promise!!)

we won't be including the epoxy resin, however, i've added links to the bottom of this description with my favorite one from amazon! you can get any kind of crafting resin from any craft store!



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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Sara B.
Manifesting that $$$

I love everything that is included in this kit! The instructions are easy to follow and I’m excited to get this bowl to work!

Annie R.
The best

Everything was provided (and some of it was very cute). This vendor’s thoroughness is the absolute BEST. She thinks of everything. I love this money bowl kit!

Heather S.
Money Bowl Ritual

Fast shipping, great customer service and quality items.

Danielle D.
Love this kit

Always great items with a ton of thought and detail!