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Zodiac Sign Gift Sets For Manifestation, Witches Brew, Crystals, & Spell Candles

Zodiac Sign Gift Sets For Manifestation, Witches Brew, Crystals, & Spell Candles

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Each set has a manifestation oil, a tea (25ml), a healing crystal (small), a spell candle, stickers associated with the sign & a little pendant for a necklace or key chain.

Essential oils are wonderful tools for raising moods & amplifying vibrations.
Use the essential oil that coincides with your moon and/or sun sign to give your manifestations a energy boost. Most manifestation oils attach to the intent to inhance the energy in that way. Our zodiac oils & candles attach to your soul and your direct place in the universe to help YOU manifest anything you desire.

How do you use them?
Wear the oils on your wrists or neck, light the candle while drinking the tea & holding your crystal. These things combined will give you the ultimate energy boost to make your intentions come true.

Stickers include: Tea description, witchy brew tips, manifestation guide, crystal guide & essential oil benefits.

Each oil base is a cruelty free blend of jojoba oil, argan oil, sweet almond oil & coconut oil. All teas are also vegan & organic.

***********Etsy only allows 10 pictures, if you'd like to see a sign that not listed, please message me or visit my tiktok: @moonstreetkits****************

ARIES "The one who rules"
Oil: Rosemary & Red Agate
Candle: Rosemary, lavender & patchouli
Crystal: Tiger's Eye
Tea: Chai

LIBRA "The one who is filled with love"
Oil: Neroli, citrine & red agate
Candle: Lemongrass & Lavender
Crystal: Citrine
Tea: Hibiscus Lavender

TAURUS "The one who strikes your heart"
Oil: Patchouli & Green Aventurine
Candle: Patchouli & Seashell
Crystal: Selenite
Tea: Chamomile

GEMINI "The one who shines bright"
Oil: Sweet Orange & Citrine
Candle: Calendula & Peppermint
Crystal: Red Jasper
Tea: Rose Green

CANCER "The one who is full of moons"
Oil: Eucalyptus & Silver Flakes
Candle: Chamomile & Eucalyptus
Crystal: Moonstone
Tea: Peppermint Lavender

LEO "The one who is made of sunshine"
Oil: Cedarwood & Gold Flakes
Candle: Chamomile & Peppermint
Crystal: Pyrite
Tea: Jasmine Green

VIRGO "The one who stands for themselves"
Oil: Red Jasper & Bergamot
Candle: Peppermint & Palo Santo (sourced from my grandmother's backyard in Venezuela)
Crystal: Rose Quartz
Tea: Green

SCORPIO "The one who wins your heart"
Oil: Cinnamon & Jet
Candle: Activated Charcoal, Clove& Cinnamon
Crystal: Shungite
Tea: Oolong

SAGITTARIUS "The one who seeks"
Oil: Clear Quartz & Cedarwood
Candle: Seashells & Dandelion Leaf
Crystal: Aventurine
Tea: Jasmine Black

CAPRICORN "The one who climbs higher than anyone else"
Oil: Tiger's Eye & Rose
Candle: Rose & Lavender
Crystal: Howlite
Tea: Peppermint

AQUARIUS "The one who is made with color"
Oil: Blue Kyanite, Jasmine & Rose
Candle: Hibiscus
Crystal: Snowflake Obsidian
Tea: Hibiscus

PISCES "The one who dreams"
Oil: Jasmine & Aventurine
Candle: Rose & Calendula
Crystal: Opalite
Tea: Vanilla Black

All herbs, spices or curios are hand weighed and meant for crafting and magickal use only.

Please check our FAQ for full disclaimer.

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